Published Feb 5th
Updated Feb 7th

The person who tested positive on Saturday is a close contact to one who has already been diagnosed and has been in quarantine. The four who have been diagnosed earlier in the week are also close contacts to those who have been diagnosed. In total there are 23 people in quarantine and 9 people are in isolation. Sogndal municipality are keeping a close eye on the situation and continues the work to track the infection.

Sogndal municipality has a close dialogue with central health authorities about what measures should be implemented. Since no children have been diagnosed with the infection, schools and kindergartens will not be closed, but today, Friday, reinforced measures will be implemented. Please contact your school or kindergarten for more information.

In a meeting on Friday morning, the crisis management has come to the following conclusion:

  • Extra measures will be implemented at the Sagtatun school and kindergarten. Both school and kindergarten will remain at the yellow lever and the focus will be on taking care of children and young people. No infection has been detected in schools and kindergartens.
  • Sharpened visitation control at care centers throughout the municipality.
  • Balestrand Idrettslag will close the sports hall until further notice for all activities. The municipality has closed Belehalli for all leisure activities until further notice.
  • The municipal service desks in Sogndal, Leikanger and Balestrand will be closed to the public. You can reach the municipality by calling 57 65 25 00.
  • Sogndal municipality encourages everyone who can to have home office. Postpone physical meetings if possible or do them digitally. We would also like to remind everyone to keep a distance of two meters in the work place.  
  • All political meetings next week will be digital.
  • Sogndal municipality encourages everyone to keep the infection control rules. Don't go on unnecessary travels, and don't go on unnecessary visits.
  • Due to the situation, the municipality will recommend that people have a low threshold for taking a test for symptoms of illness. Contact your local doctor's office to arrange testing. Testing will also be arranged this weekend.

For more information in English, please visit the NIPH website (Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

For general information about the corona virus in different languages, please visit the NIPH website (Norwegian Institute of Public Health).